Brown Gxrls are Boundless


Artwork by Isabel Rimando

Hi, this is one skateboard in a series I’ve been painting.

I’m a genderfluid Filipino-American multidisciplinary artist who alternates between acrylic paint, ink and digital mediums. I enjoy blending natural, organic imagery with punk or gothic undertones within my work.  My inspirations include the supernatural, mythology, music, and anything that can be tied in knots.  Recurring themes include the swirls of loose or braided hair, bare bristling branches, or flowing fountains of water and blood.


Artwork Details

Material: Acrylic Paint on Wooden Skateboard Deck

Height: 32 in

Width: 8.5 in

Depth: 2.5 in

*Original Artwork is on a Skateboard.  Skateboard is unframed.  Frame in photos is only for an example.


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