It Goes


Artwork by Artist Erica Halpern

Artists take on the work:

An energetic expression on both the macro and micro level.


Artwork Details: Spray paint and acrylic

Material: Spray paint and acrylic

Height: 6.5 in

Width: 19 in

Depth: 1 in

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About the artist:

Beginning with two mechanical engineering degrees, Erica Halpern combines that with her highly creative and artistic outlook. A versatile designer of art, lifestyle products including lighting, furniture, toys, accessories, spaces, and interactive art installations. Erica Halpern combines raw talent with a fashion-forward eye. She enjoys creating functional interactive art in her spare time. She designed lighting fixtures for a decade, and began using led technology in her own projects. 3d art is her forte, and combining that with interactive LEDs has began her journey with Lighting Installations and 3D art.

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Spray paint and acrylic


6.5 in


19 in


1 in