Sin City


Artwork by Artist Savannah (Savvy) McGuffey

Artists Words about the artwork:

“An oil on canvas painting inspired by the 2014 movie Sin City.  The graphics in that movie inspired me to paint one of my favorite scenes from the movie.  As well as adding my own touch on the piece by incorporating bar signs that reflect me.  People’s faces and expressions continuously inspire me to create portrait art, while adding my own touch to my work.”


Artwork Details

Material: oil on Canvas

Height: 24 in

Width: 30 in

Depth: 1 in

*Artwork comes without frame.  Frames seen in photos are for reference only.

In stock



Savannah’s Statement about her work and creative process:

I am primarily a realist painter, who is inspired by people.  With my ability to capture the beauty behind expression and emotion in one’s face, I use my observation and perspective along with my freehand abilities to paint my unique style of portraits.  I bounce between acrylic and oils on canvas, using fast drying mediums which supports my quick, and oddly enjoyable, painting process.  Quickness, which then leads to completion, satisfies my urge as an artist to capture immediate beauty.