The Gallery AF Mini Art Shows provide Artists & Curators with the opportunity to utilize our smaller exhibiting space to showcase themselves via a solo show or a small group show. Its a chance to work alongside Gallery AF, gain our insight & expertise as well as our audience.


Located directly off of Olympic Blvd. our mini show space opens directly to the street, allowing onlookers to view into the exhibit, creating a bit of a spectacle. The exhibit area is approximately 33.5' long / deep x 14' wide with 12' ceilings. This area includes 1 unisex bathroom as well as a merchandise area and bar set up, which are provided and maintained by Gallery AF.


As can be seen in our photos we offer a number of different layout options for the display walls, installation, merch and drinks. The 2 set ups we have displayed in our photos are just examples of different layouts. Our primary goal is to assist you in choosing a layout that works best for your needs.


We work with artists & curators for fee & commission structuring in a variety of ways. This allows you to make the choice that is best for you without it limiting your capacity to throw an amazing event. It is our objective to reduce the up-front costs that often come with renting, setting up and promoting an art show. We assist in making it possible.




Paid Entry Show

This option is free to the artist or curator. No money is required in the form of a payment or deposit to utilize the space as well as our services.

For the "Paid Entry" Option. Guests pay admission for entry to the show through our website and choose from a number of merchandise options. This means that all guests receive some form of merchandise with their admission to their show.


Free Entry Show

This option is for artists and curators who would rather have entry to their show remain free. With this option the artist can pay $250.00 as a rental fee for use of the space. Use of the space also comes with our staff (1-3 people), our assistance with sales, drinks and snacks bar as well as our expertise, advertising and our audience.


1. We charge 25% on all Artist & Curator Sales.

2. Artists receive 10% of profits on sales of Gallery AF merch sold during the event.

3. As an additional show of support we provide artists & curators with 10% of profits on the drink and snack sales.

4. We love merchandising collabs! If you have an idea lets chat and see what we can come up with.

**These are applied to all shows. Your choice of Up Front Cost Option has no affect on these percentages.


Artists & Curators have access to the space up to 1 week prior to the date of the event for any specialized set up/ installations. Access to the space is only for the mini exhibit space & the restroom. No access to our primary exhibit space is permitted.

We allow 1 day of tear down (Sundays) after the show for all artworks and installations to be taken down and removed from the space.


1. Artwork transport. At this time we do not transport artworks.

2. Artwork installation, tools and materials for hanging, building and removing all art.

3. Artwork cleanup. We take care of normal waste disposal such as trash from drinks and toiletries. We do not dispose of waste from art installations.

3. Packaging of art during the show. If you should sell artworks or merchandise we do not provide packaging for these items.


1. Prep & Clean up.

2. Lighting. We provide standard artwork lighting as well as lighting for merchandise and service areas. If you require specialized lighting we do not provide this yet we can discuss details for assistance.

3. Staffing. We typically staff between 1 and 3 people depending on the size and scope of the show. Staff will be on hand during the show. Staff assists with entry and sales during the show as well as show prep and clean up.

4. Drinks & snacks: Preparation, Sales and Clean up. Special requests are considered yet not guaranteed.

5. Show promotion. In addition to your own promotion will promote the show through our channels as well.


If you are an artist or curator interested in collaborating please apply here