Gallery AF is obsessed with artistry and it's role in & beyond everyday life. It is our firm belief that art isn't merely a luxury, enjoyed casually. It plays an essential role in our world, throughout every industry and in every culture.

The beauty of what art is can be found in its very definition. "The expression or application of skill and imagination..." It is here where Gallery AF dwells. Although we are a traditional Gallery in many ways, focusing on art primarily in its visual form. It is Gallery AF's intention to highlight the process of exploration and creation, through whatever medium, application or industry which compells us; regardless of how abstract the connection to the traditional art world.


It is Gallery AF's mission to provide an environment for all artists to expand their voice and their audience. Our primary drive is to manicure and curate a uniquely branded space where artists can expand their knowledge and collaborate, not only within the artist community but directly with fans and collectors and investors.


Gallery AF is located just south of the Artists District and just west of the LA river, along the hustle and bustle of Olympic Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles. We enjoy being close to all of the fine dining and amazing culture that has become the Artists District; yet we pridefully remain an overpass astray, keeping us connected with the grit and industry that is the essence of DTLA.

As an event hub we throw quarterly events through our Gallery. We also allow artists-in-residence and curators to host their own events as well. On occasion we will also rent our space to assist others in the arts community with their vision.


Featuring over 3,000 SF of exhibit & performance space. The primary exhibition space is 30 ft x 62 ft and features a sloped ceiling with exposed beams which ranges from 20 ft to 35 ft in height. Separately, this space also contains a full size performance stage which stands at 5 ft tall, 23 ft wide and 12 ft deep.

Our secondary exhibition space is the first area encountered when entering from our main entrance off of Olympic Blvd. This room is 12 ft tall and 53 ft x 16 ft in total size yet is limited in its exhibit area to roughly 33.5 ft x 13 ft. This space is often used as a solo installation space. It is also perfect as a lounge where patrons can grab a drink, maybe a bite and connect with others.


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