F.A.Q. & Forms

What We Need From You To Rent Our Work

1. Rental Agreement & Credit Card Authorization

Please look below to our forms section & provide us with a copy of our “Rental Agreement” and Credit Card Authorization. 

2. Valid Certificate Of Insurance

We also require a valid certificate of insurance naming Art Fetish LLC dba Outskirts Art as additionally insured (Sample Certificate of Insurance).

3. Net 30 Account For Longer Rentals

For extended rentals, lengths over 30 days we also require a Net 30 Account Setup form.


|Rental Agreement                        |Artist Permission Agreement

|Net 30 Account Setup                 |W9 Form

|Credit Card Authorization         |590 Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all the art cleared?

All art rented through Outskirts Art is copyright cleared. We are happy to provide you with our clearance agreement and/or sign any and all clearance forms upon request.

Are all the works on the website available today?

We house over 80% of our online inventory in the gallery for immediate pick up. Many of the works on our website labeled “Call for Availability” can be available no later than 72 hours from the request date. However a good deal of our artist’s are local and can provide availability day of.

Do you ship artworks?

Shipping can be provided anywhere within the United States with the use of your Fed Ex or UPS account. We pack here at the gallery for same day shipments, pending availability of the work. Often times digital files may be provided for international productions varying from artist to artist agreement.

Can I remove the plexi or glass from framed artwork?

As long as the artwork and/or molding are not returned to us damaged, removing the glass should not be an issue. Provided the frame has spacers, our framer will have to repair this for a small additional cost. Please remember to return the plexi or glass back to Outskirts Art when returning the artwork.

Can I have it framed or reframed?

We offer framing at a very affordable price. Please call us to discuss possible options.

Do you offer Season/Production Rentals?

Season rentals are a very affordable way of keeping artworks on set for an extended period of time, without the hassle of high rental costs. Season rentals are typically billed for 9 or more episodes.

Is there a fee for daily rentals?

No. All of our rentals are calculated on a weekly rate.

No. All of our rentals are calculated on a weekly rate.

Payment can be made via check, credit card, cash or wire transfer.
A 3.5% Handling Fee applies to all credit card transactions.
Client is responsible for any and all charges arising from using a wire transfer.
If you have an open account, a P.O. with a Net 30 term will apply.

I Am An Artist. How Do I Submit My Work?

  • Firstly, we want to thank you for your interest and let you know that you are the lifeblood for why our company exists & operates
  • It is our primary goal to become a courier from artist to industry providing artists with an easily accessible entry into the Film & Rental world. The artist is Outskirts Art’s number one priority. Each & every work provided is protected with a full contract, leaving you in full control of your works.
  • We also love to provide our artists with every opportunity available. This includes discounts on shop items, everything from spray paints to books. Our partner company Gallery AF also hosts solo & group exhibits in which we often showcase our artists & assist with funding for Giclee prints.
  • Please upload samples of your work in a .jpg or pdf format and/or a link to your website, along with a short biography here, with the button below, or send them to info@outskirtsart.com