The Sublime Sculptures of Merle Randolph

Merle E. Randolph

The late Merle Eudell Randolph began his arts career in Columbus Ohio. While attending the Columbus
College of Art & Design he gained his BFA in Industrial Design while Minoring in Fine Arts. It wasn’t until
he began teaching sculpture at the Ohio State University that his artwork began to find its voice.
It was in Marion Ohio that he first created his “Twisted Columns” series. A series that has won
numerous accolades in its various forms and can be seen on exhibit in various galleries and parks
throughout the country from Clearwater Florida to Phoenix Arizona. It was from this series that he
further developed his life works, “The Pressure Series”. Continually fascinated with how our
surroundings are shaped by the pressures which surround us, be they natural or man-made. His life’s
work is best stated in his own words.

“As with the majority of my works, I am always striving to express natural elements and
materials that through forces, such as pressure, pulling, friction and tension create a unique
view of our modern landscape. The idea is to showcase that enduring through tough and
difficult moments creates a better and more beautiful world.”

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